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Wheel of Time RPGOMGWTFBBQ!!!

So, I saw on Digg today that a company has been contracted out to make a wheel of time RPG. 

Via Digg.

 I'm wicked excited about the game, but I am somewhat disappointed that it doesn't look like it's going to be an MMO. 

 I'm almost done reading the new book. I honestly think this new author's breathing life back into the series for me (Robert Jordan turns in his grave). Jordan had a lot of tired themes he would repeat over and over. A lot of expressions and turns of phrase would show up repeatedly in his books. If I read the line, "her eyes were hard enough to chip stone," one more time I was going to flip my wig.

Also, Jordan had this habit of making the books longer and longer, then realizing they were too long and pulling back for a couple books. There was far too much characterization for far too long and then the reader was offered the sweet supple teat of action for mere 2 pages. Honestly, how many books was he going too leave Perrin chasing down Masema?

The Gholam is another thing that pisses me off. What a bad ass, scary shadow spawn. I couldn't wait to read about this thing chasing and harassing Mat and his friends as they moved with the circus and afterwards. Instead Jordan cock teased us with a handful of key scenes and bits of information that make us salivate and again makes it disappear for several books.

He would make the action so much more intense by boring you to death for entire chapters, adding more and more obscure characters. Then, they would disappear for three or five books. When they turn up 5,000 pages and probably years later, you're supposed to remember them by physical description alone. If you don't remember who each of these obscure characters are, then you completely miss subtexts and hints he's trying to give you. Many times with this book I sit and rack my brain about who a character is, knowing I'm supposed to remember them from another book. I'm either going to end up like my father, writing down a note card for every new character an author introduces, or I'll be running to the Wheel of Time Wiki every 10 minutes.

Anywho, can't wait for the game and the last two books to come out.


MLB 2K9 Sucks

I haven't made a post in quite a while, but this was just too hilarious. Baseball game fail: